The Indigo Door of Team

(Recruit the right team to follow the systems and you will be financially Free!)

The Skill in Recruiting correctly is all about understanding behavioural profiles.  

  • Preparation is key: Follow the instructions and lessons in the indigo platform to ensure your preparation is top notch before hiring anyone.
  • Present with passion:  and engage your prospect employees and they will stay with you forever
  • Position agreements:  are a must with absolute detail and KPI's attached to ensure everyone is on the same page.

"Together Everyone Achieves More" 

Click on the Indigo Doors below to learn more about the Team Coaching Platform:

Indigo Door 1

Understanding the 7 key areas of a business is vital behind this door. Once you learn that you will know what type of person you need in each area of business.

Indigo Door 2

Creating a compelling Vision and mission statement connected with your values will ensure that you engage quality candidates for your growing business.

Indigo Door 3

Connect your positional agreement with key performance indicators, roles and responsibilities and performance review will ensure your staff stay on track!

"This recruitment process has saved us 100's of hours..."

"The recruitment process is such an elegant and professional way to sift through job seekers and find that diamond in the rough. The recruitment system automates the process so that it is all done and dusted within 24 hours to 48 hours and we always find the perfect person"

- Janet Hogan (Botanica)

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The Indigo Door of Team

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