The Green Door of Sales

(Generate Cashflow in your business and Increase Your Conversion Rates!)

Learn the Power of Sales Training, Behavioural profiles and Professionally helping people to BUY!

  • Sales Pre-qualifying: Every phone call costs you money. The first contact with your business is vital to cash-flow!
  • Sales Training and Presenting:  Don't be afraid to learn how to sell like a professional. Only amateur sales people are pushy!
  • Master Closing:  Learn 14 master closes and techniques to ensure you get the sale instead of coming home empty handed. 

"Are you selling from the head or the heart"

Click on the Green Doors below to learn more about the Sales Coaching Platform:

Green Door 1

It has cost you alot of money for that phone call or prospect to walk in the door. Don't blow it! Understanding how to pre-qualify prospects is vital to cash in the bank! 

Green Door 2

Sales professionals aren't pushy only sales amatuers are. Learn how to sell behind green door number 2 and you will increase your sales and profits will skyrocket!

Green Door 3

You've spent so much time explaining your product or service to your prospect only for them to think about it. 70% wont come back! Use our Master closers to get them over the line!

"Knowing that I have business coaches around me to be able to access and get information quickly has been fantastic. I can go online and get whatever information I require and it's all in one place."

- Richard Huntley (Solopreneur)

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The Green Door of Sales

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