The Blue Door of Systems

(Systems will set you FREE from your business and Triple your Income!)

The Skill in Systemising your Business is to keep it simple but always duplicate!

  • Systemise your Marketing and Sales: Create a systemised process that will generate cashflow for your business first and foremost
  • Systemising the Service:  Will give your business the opportunity to service more and more people. 
  • Systemise the Team:  Will keep the team accountable, happy because they know what they are doing and satisified to stay! 

"Every System is Perfectly Designed to Achieve the Exact Result It Gets" 

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Blue Door 1

Most SME's work in the operational side of their business. So this is the1st key area to systemise. Everything you do needs to be duplicated so that eventually someone else can do it!

Blue Door 2

Once you've systemised the operational process you now need to look after the customers. This is the 2nd key area to systemising you out of your business and freeing you up. 

Blue Door 3

The 3rd and final key to systemising your business is your team systems. They need training systems, KPI's, performance reviews and rewards and recognition processes.

"Systems set us free from our business..."

"Two things changed the way we do business. 1. Behavioural profiles and understanding who we are and who others are. 2. Systems-without a doubt the most profound lessons and eye opening moments for us. From working 7 days a week in our business to moving to Bali while the business works without us! We feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have a coach!"

- Janet and Ralph Hogan (Villa Botanica)

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