Our Global Team of Coaches

We are in a changing world and a wonderful time to be alive. The business landscape is changing and more and more entrepreneurs are working for themselves and are wanting an affordable way to access information to help them become financially free. We have sorted a team of global business and life coaches who not only have hundreds of years of combined experience but they share the same purpose and are here to help you succeed financially and as stress free as possible. If you would like any 1 on 1 coaching or advice from any of our amazing coaches below feel free to contact them via their website links below and they will be only to happy to help.

David Bayne

After many years of coaching and consulting to all types of businesses to great success, David realized that there were a set of Business and Wealth Fundamentals that needed to be adhered to too achieve wealth, and only a small percentage of business owners ever succeeded.

David decided to create a comprehensive online Business program and add the support of his coaches with the program to help the 80% of business owners across the country who were struggling. David spent over eight years building the program and of course 25 years of experience, learning these fundamentals to be able to teach you the business owner to become financially free.

Bill Annesley

We met Bill Annesley at a business Coaching workshop in Sydney and he caught our attention with his skills and ability to understand why business owners fail and why some succeed. He has been a business coach for over 12 years and also buys and sells businesses as a business broker and has a business franchise component to help those business owners who want to expand their business success further.

Bill believes business success is between the ears and he works with business clients on helping them push through the tough stuff to get them to where they need to be!​

Lauren McLaughlin

Lauren McLaughlin CEO and Senior Business Coach of Lauren McLaughlin Pty Ltd has been a business coach and mentor for over ten years now

Lauren is one of only a few hundred coaches in Australia with a Master’s Degree in business coaching and her core focus is the SME sector believing that they need the most support and guidance out of all the business sectors.

She has also worked within competitive cross-cultural international settings such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and the US. Lauren has the ability and skills to create profitable businesses whether you are a startup business or a successful business wanting to go to the next level

Rob Hilliar

Rob Hillier has been a business psychologist for over 30 years and has worked with thousands of business owners dealing with relationships, behaviour and communications skills to help business owners achieve success. He believes success is not about hard work but about knowledge and the understanding that you require to become a successful business owner. Rob invented the word 'stuck berry' when it comes to dealing with unresolved past issues. He believes these past issues or 'stuck berry's cause the majority of failures in business. 

Wendy Fedoruk

Through both business and life experience Wendy realizes that each one of us has the potential within to achieve greatness. She strives to help business owners achieve this by combining a proven step by step business strategy with hands on coaching to eliminate any limiting thinking that can unknowingly affect their success. Over the past 10 years she has coached both independent business owners and real estate investors. Wendy is currently a successful business owner and previously owned and operated US Property 101, a real estate mentoring business. During this time she assisted Canadians in purchasing property in the United States.

Wendy is associated with the Canadian Coaches Federation and has a Business Diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Greg Strong

Greg Strong has been mentoring and Coaching business owners in New Zealand for over 30 years. Greg has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and marketing and has a wealth of knowledge that has seen his business clients excel to new levels.

He is a very down to earth and hands on coach who focuses on the business fundamentals and believes action is the best form of success! Greg is the complete coach and an asset to our coaching team.

Gerard McDonald

Gerard has specialised in the mortgage broking field for over 20 years helping brokers to become finically succesful. His experience and ability to take clients along a better and fr less stressful path financially and emotionally has given Gerard a sense of satisfaction that what he does makes a difference.

Having joined the team at the 7 Colored Doors he has experienced first hand the benefits of following the program and how it can change people's lives. Now as an member of the program, I am utilising my skills and experience to help other business owners succeed.

Peter Engel

Peter Engel has been studying the behaviour of people in business for the past 10 years. Having accreditation in NLP programming and behavioural profiling Peter has utilised his skills to get the best performances out of each person he meets. He has the ability to listen and understand the business owner in a way that helps the business owner to work out exactly what they need to succeed easily and effectively.

Peter also has a background in real estate and sales training and is a great asset to our team

Our Coaching team will continually grow as you the business owner grows. We look forward to supporting and helping you to become financially free so that all of us can work in co-operation together and enjoy the best life possible.