'Financial Freedom is now affordable for all Business'

Business Coaching for $5 a Day! Now everyone can afford to make money!

Let us help you solve the 3 Biggest Frustrations of Business

  • MORE LEADS: Learn how to generate more leads, subscribers, members, prospects and customers into your business quickly through our Marketing Coaching
  • MORE SALES: Turn those leads into sales and money in the bank. Our Sales Coaching  will teach you how to fast track cash-flow and more profits in your business
  • MORE FREEDOM: Fast track your way out of your business via efficient systems and better team members. Our Systems and Team Coaching will guide you to financial freedom and more cash-flow!

Our Business Mentoring Programs can help you Succeed in Business. Click on any of the 7 Doors below to learn more...

The Life Coaching Doors

Red Door of Goals

Your Purpose

Orange Door of Self Mastery

Your Energy

The Business Coaching Doors

Yellow Door of Marketing

Your Leads

Green Door of Sales

Your Cashflow

Blue Door of Systems

Your Leverage

Indigo Door of Team

Your Duplication

The Wealth Coaching Door

Purple Door of Wealth

Your Abundance

"A testimonial from a franchisor starting out..."

"I've spent so much money on business education but never have I seen the information in a simple easy to follow format. This connects with all business owners and for the small cost it's amazing"

- Stewart Briggs (Acceleration)

Join and Receive the Following Membership Benefits 

Access to all of our 7 Colored Doors Business Programs

Get instant access to the 7 Colored Doors Business Academy. This is the ultimate learning for entrepreneurs 

  • With over a hundred years of combined business coaching experience and eight years building these platforms we now share it all with you, the entrepreneur.
  • The business coaching platforms have been created to guide start up business owners, to small business and business owners with teams to generate more leads, more profits and free themselves from their business. Watch the video below to learn more about the 7 Business Coaching Platforms

Business Mentorship 5 days a week from our Team of Global Business Coaches. 

You get access to our team of global business coaches anytime 5 days a week.

On joining you will be allocated to a business coach normally that coach will be the one that you have been speaking to previously. If not we will allocate a coach who we feel is appropriate for your business. They will be in touch with you as soon as you join up to organise a time to get you up and running with the program and explain how all of the services that we provide for you work.

Free LIVE Weekly Business Webinar and the Business Guru Newsletters

You'll be invited to weekly LIVE webinars run by our amazing coaches and sent weekly business newsletters

Receive loads of up to date business information on a weekly basis with our business webinars and our weekly business newsletters. Get instant access to our coaches and up to date information that will help fast track your business results.

Receive a FREE Business Starter Pack to get you and your Business Up and Running

On joining as a member you will receive a FREE Business starter pack to get you learning quickly!

The Starter pack will include business audio programs introducing you to the 7 colored doors and you can put these straight in your car and start learning how to grow your business as soon as you receive them. We also provide a USB stick if you'd like to load them on your computer. We have other goodies included as well!

Receive FREE Business Coaching and Monthly Passive Income*

Would you like to have our coaching for FREE for life and as an added bonus earn passive monthly income on the side? Our goal is to give you the best information on one platform and to help you become financially free and enjoy our coaching FREE! We can help you achieve both!

So keep in mind the more business owners you refer to us and they subscribe the more money you make. Check out our video on how you can make passive monthly income below. *For every referral that turns into a sale you receive 25% of all monthly or Yearly income per client. The more clients you refer the more money you make!


Join our 7CD Mastery Business Coaching program and we guarantee that if you don't double your investment of the coaching within 12 months we will gladly give you a 100% money back guarantee. All we ask is that you follow the coaching program and ensure you take action on what you learn and we know you will make money! We Guarantee it!

Members only FREE Website Build and Free Website hosting!

Being a member of the 7 Colored Doors does has its privileges. We provide you with a one page website and free web hosting while you are a member of the 7 colored doors. If you already have a website we can review it and give you guidance as to some some changes you may require to get faster results. We can provide opt-in boxes, subscription set up, mail chimp setup, pay pal buttons online, landing pages and sales pages. We understand the fundamentals of marketing and sales and your website is your office so it must be set up to sell you and your business correctly.  

*You will require a domain name 

"The Coaching Program has been profound"

"I have looked at other coaching programs but the costs of them have been out of my budget. This coaching platform and the added extras like teleconferences, weekly emails and support have made me feel like I have the support and confidence I need to grow my business."

- Barry Falkner (Top Class Waterless Car Care)

Get Instant Access to Our Coaching Platforms Today!

Join the coaching for life club today and become one of the family and start learning the true fundamentals of business and wealth and generate the cashflow and financial freedom you deserve. Join us today!

  • 7  Business Platforms
  • 1 On 1 Coaching Support
  • LIVE Weekly Webinars
  • Weekly Business VLOGS
  • Free Business Starter Kit
  • 100%  Guarantee
  • Affiliate Program
  • Free Website Build* 
  • Membership Discounts

Join the 7 Colored Doors Today!

Wqtch the video below to understand why over 80% of small business fail over 5 years. The 'poor money mindset' is ingrained in our belief system. Let us help you overcome those 'money' beliefs and start earning the money you deserve.

"I increased my turonover by 400% in 6 months!"

"My life has changed thanks to the coaching support and tools that are available to me"

" I am healthier, have more energy, get more done in a day, I've hired 5 new staff and my bottom line has increased substantially" I recommend everyone get a coach" 

- Luke Middlemiss Playback Studios

Every Great Business and Business Owner has had a Mentor and or Coach!

So what are you thinking at this stage? I don't need a coach? What does a coach do? I don't have time to review it? We understand you have many reasons why it wont work for you but what you need to do is take a quick review of how things have gone for you so far. If it's anything like the other 80 percent of the small business fraternity you will be short on cashflow and without cashflow life is a struggle.  This is more relevant now then ever before with the economy at an all time low and no one spending money you need as much support from experienced mentors as possible to help and guide you.   

​Studies have shown that 70% of people who don't make a decision in the first instance will not make one at all. As a business coach of 15 years I have realised that one of the greatest failures of small business owners is the "Lack" of decision making. Procrastination in business is a killer.  The question you need to ask yourself is "what are the consequences if you don't take action today!" NOTHING! Exactly and thats exactly what will happen to your business growth and profits...NOTHING! As Einstein has stated ' you cannot FIX a business with the same MINDSET that broke it, it's impossible! We are offering coaching for a one off investment of $990 or a monthly investment of $99 a month with a 100% money back guarantee we are that confident in what we are providing. So make the decision to take action today and give it a try! What have you got to lose?

So let me just summarize again what Our Coaching Provides...

  • 7 Business Platforms
  • 1 on 1 Coaching Support 
  • LIVE Weekly Webinars
  • Weekly Business VLOGS
  • Business Starter Kit
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Affiliate Program
  • Free Website Build*
  • Members Discounts

Get a Coach and Mentor Today!

Wqtch the video below and stop struggling to do it yourself. Its time to get out of the baby stage of your business and start to blossom into the successful business that you know you can become!

"I basically made $350,000 from one lesson on the platform"

"After listening to one of the lessons online I made some changes to my products and the business grew!"

"That one change has earnt me $350,000 in revenue so far. It's amazing what a little bit of knowledge can do"

- Peter Coastal Industries

If you want to get started on the coaching platform immediately and have access to our Business Academy and 7 Coaching platforms please review the investments we have below to get you up and running. For those who are on a budget or struggling with cashflow we suggest the monthly coaching program for $180* a month. This is a great opportunity to dip your toe into the business coaching game and learn how to generate cashflow quickly without breaking the bank balance. For those wanting to save a few dollars and commit to the coaching for 12 months we offer the yearly coaching program with a savings of almost $500 compared to the monthly coaching investment. For as little as $5.35* a day you can get started on your path to financial success!

7CD Monthly

Business Coaching

  • Allocated 1 on 1 Coaching 
  • Access to 7 Coaching Platforms 
  • LIVE Weekly Business Webinars
  • Weekly Video Newsletter VLOG
  • FREE Business Starter Package
  • Invitation to Live Workshops
  • Members Affiliate Program 
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Website Build*

$180 / monthly

Plus  GST

*A one off $100 Starter Kit fee applies for the 1st payment

7CD Yearly *

Business Coaching

  • Allocated 1 on 1 Coaching 
  • Access to 7 Coaching Platforms 
  • LIVE Weekly Business Webinars
  • Weekly Video Newsletter VLOG
  • FREE Business Starter Package
  • Invitation to Live Workshops
  • Members Affiliate Program 
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Website Build*

$1800 / yearly

Plus GST

SAVE $460 if you pay for the year!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Am I locked into a contract?

Who is the coaching program for?

How does the Business Coaching Support work?

Can I talk to someone on the phone?

How much is it to hire a Business Coach normally?

Is the Business Coaching tax deductible?